Saturday, June 30, 2007


Hello all. I am back in Canada. Sigh. It's funny to say home because when I say 'back home' I mean NZ not canada. So everyone here is confused except me. So. Been home about 3 days in total and it's been a very long three days. Have the creative itch but haven't made anything yet. So hopefully next week, illustrations will be made, cards will be created and all of my creatives from NZ will arrive in the mail safe and sound. (HOPING!!)

Again. I am lame and have no work for anyone, but soon enough me and miss dishy will be up and running, so stay tuned.

xox Mishe.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Wacom minus one.

Well. I am definately missing my wacom at this point. I am drawing like mad right now but really miss the ease of digital illustration. I guess when I get another one, I will be drawing like a mad woman. Currently I am thinking about my book projects, and I have a couple of projects with another writer too, but I think I am going to venture out and paint that one. I miss painting a lot, even though I am rubbish at it, I still would like to paint some more.

So. Please be patient, I will post some rather fun work in a wee while... so check back later on! :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fire! Napsack Bench!

I think my building was on fire, but I have returned and it seems to be ok. It even brought people together. And it brought a man and his napsack together as he was just sitting out front having one great conversation with it. I never tried to talk to my carry case... I may try in a more private environment. Not the front stoop of my building.

Love Nz.

In another note. There is another lad that seems to really work my hood. He's lovely, barefooted, and always having the best conversations with himself. I adore is salmon coloured Tee, and hope that he's going well today. Yesterday he was seen fighting a park bench. I am hoping he won.. but one has to wonder what the bench said first...

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Monster Put on Pants

Here's a monster caught in the act.

New Book.

So just drawing some stuff for my new book. Here's a small taste.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Marshmellow Bliss xox

Everyone needs a day of bliss. Bliss is in the bottom of my Perk-Up Hot Chocolates, where the lovely lad puts a marshmellow in for me. It's always a lovely surprise.

Everyone needs Bliss.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Image in Header?

PS. Anyone know how to get their image in their header? I have tried several times and it never seems to upload. It takes about 9 hours on the loading page, but never ends up loading... And that makes me sad. .Any help?


Hey, here is another series I am working on, it's a goddess sort of horoscope series, I hadn't posted yet. Working on my new children's book at the moment. It's basically awesome. And no Mike, I won't tell you so you'll steal it, you'll just have to purchase it! hahaha.