Monday, February 26, 2007

Makin Stuff.

Doodle. I am busy. SO BUSY. I'm teaching at a Design College at the mo, and trying to get my illustration going as well as doing some accessories. I like to make stuff... or I need to satisfy the creative urge a lot. Right now I am working on a set of Horoscopes. I have three sets in the making. One is Greek Goddesses (inspired by my 'House of Goddess' neighbours.) The next is my fav, Animals wearing suits and so forth. I like them a lot. My third is 'HorrorScopes' and that is a bunch of monsters and such. So. I'm having fun. Teaching has really inspired me to get it together and really get my work out there. So in order to pay rent and eat crackers, I must get my stuff out there.

How to describe my stuff? oye. I dunno. I'll start posting within the week. I vary in styles constantly, for my old job, I used to have to vary so much, it was just a habit to get into. I like that I have many styles. I make sure they are all really successful for the final pieces.

Anywho. Check back for more work. Later!

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