Wednesday, May 16, 2007


My newest love. RUBY GLOOM. She's got me written all over her. Swirlies, Lots of eyelashes, freckles, haunting gloomy stuff, and wonderful animation. I am so super in love. Plus, she's vector! Everybody loves vector!!

So, I've been making a bunch of cards, and illustrations, and I'm opening my Etsy and Cafepress stores this week, I'll let you know about my grand openings.

Anywho. I put some Flickr shots up if anyone wants to check it.

xox M.

PS Just to clarify, I didn't draw her! She's not mine! She is a TV show, check her out


Mike Boldt said...

Ruby's super cool! Vector too?! Wow. I really like some of these new styles you've been developing


ps. My email is in my "view my profile" area under my pic. Be great to hear from you again, unless you're bringing lawsuits against me for all those ideas I just stole from you.

mishe said...

Hang on, Ruby Gloom isn't mine! She's TV show...