Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New Friends.

We love to play playstation! Although, we can't afford a new Playstation 3!

(So, I've just made my wee squid today. So my two little monsters have been hanging out, getting to know eachother and chatting at why my Squidee only has one shoe and why my Polka Dot Monster is brandishing a large head wound covered by a crown. {I don't know how to sew that hole shut, so it's pretty hideous}. {I also need to point out that when I teach at school my technical term for "{}" these brackets are called French Brackets because I am not sure what they are called, but they look fancy and french to me.} The Squid only has one shoe because my arm has been really sore these past few days and it just got too painful to work on.)

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crystal driedger illustration said...

I love these guys so much! (insert heart here). So adorable they're driving me bonkers.

ps: good idea to put that copyright blog in there. Is it a sticky?