Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Take Off!

Well Hi Y'all.
I'm still working on my horoscope series, with a few new ideas going along with. And some sewing along with. And I am loving every minute of it. I also get a lot more time off in the next few weeks as I only have a few classes at the mo. Although, they keep giving me more day by day, which is good!! Because I am so very berry poor, and I need a hair cut. A special shout to my lovely brother that gave me free cash the other day. He is the best brother in the world. Nobody can top him.( and I'd say that even without the cash you know.)

Anywho. Right now I am working on a Stock Portfolio. no no, I am not going into the Stock Market. Hell, I dunno what that is even. But I am making a Stock IMAGERY portfolio. I am hoping that this one pays off, I know some people say it's not the best way to go, but I think that it will get my name out in the world and hopefully people will buy my stuff and love me as much as I love my favorite artists.

Here's one of my first images, I have five that I am working on at the mo. This is the only one that I have worked on in illustrator. My colors may be off as my wee little computer is hard to work on and the LCD screen always seems to throw me for a loop. I miss my computer at home with it's gigantic monitor and sluggish qualities. haha.. well, not the sluggishness. But I do miss a moniter (spelling? monitor?) larger than 14 inches.

As for posting and working on my own stuff, it's really been on the side lines lately, just with work (Teaching) and all my extra side jobs. Phew. Busy.

Well. I'll keep you posted, I am having a Pantone dilemma this week and it's causing hair loss, so this will probably be it for my posts for awhile.. although, I have to get my work to this stock company soon so my evenings will be full of illustrator funness and calls to my mum and dad. Or "Bev" as I have lovingly renamed them. You know, the whole "Bennifer" craze.

Alright. Over and out. Oh, PS it's Terry's birthday. So wish him birthday goodness.


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