Sunday, April 15, 2007

Monster Mash.

well. I have this idea for another children's book. haha, actually I have several ideas stewing away, but this is the first of the many sketches to come. I'm sort of behind on the whole posting, scanning lately. Since teaching photoshop, I am trying to warm up to it. I still really love Illustrator, and can't really seem to part ways with the lovely lass. I am experimenting in photoshop, but.. I'm not really liking the results.

I'm doing a few freelance jobs at the mo, so that's alright. Except for the fact that I have yet to obtain a full time job, and am about to embark on a wee tour of the islands with my old's. SO... where will that money come from... ?? Santa Money Claus?

Anywho. so here are my sketches... wee. I like them. Although, I always seem to sketch in ballpoint pen, and just love the results of them. When I try to colour them, I get hugely disappointed. I've coloured a few of these, I'll up load them later.

Well, I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, I went to see a friend's band, Tahuna Breaks on Saturday, and they weren't fab, they were SUPER FAB. It's true. We had a good boogie down, and some fantastically expensive sangria. Oh and I got hit on by some old guy. One thing I have noticed in NZ compared to Canada, boys don't feel you up as you walk around in bars. I like that. It's respectful, and way less dirty. Why are Canadian boys such horn dogs? Anyone remember the Thunderdome? I used to have to walk with my back alongside the walls so the bikers wouldn't feel me up.

mm... sorry this children's book story blog morphed into feel ups. You know me. I love a good feel up. Ask Carmen.

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