Sunday, April 15, 2007

There's new law in town.

Sorry, one last posting tonight. This is my latest character, he's Sheriff Chappy. He's got a moostache and he rarely backs down from a fight. He doesn't like to hang out with my other dudes, he feels they are beneathe - THE LAW. So. He mostly struts around my apartment making people and plants feel inadequate. He will be on sale soon, with a few other dudes.
Plus he comes with a sheriff's badge, wearable to the purchaser. (Hopefully someone who is about 5 years old. But, any 28 year old guy could pull it off too.)

Yee haw. (It says on the back of his pants.)

1 comment:

translucentglitter said...

you always make me laugh, miss mcbride. i like your sheriff, especially that he struts around your apartment making plants, etc, "feel inadequate".
love it.