Monday, April 30, 2007


Hey everybody. I'm travelling the south island so obviously, in my back pack I didn't bring a scanner. I did however bring my sketch book, so expect new work posted when I return home in a few weeks. Since no one cares for my old blog anymore, I am just going to update this one for now, until my stupid website starts to work. (augh. the bain of my existense) Travels are going, came up with another children's book idea, but... not quite in the making yet. Everyone make sure that you check out Crystal Driedger's stuff (and buy it), and my good friend Mike Boldt. That kid basically taught me how to draw. (Well. Not really, but he honed my skills.) Plus. I'd just like to shout out to my other half, who has decided to move to Vancouver. You're rad. I'm sad. But I hope you an Joshie find the ultimate success out there. Check out for her work. I shall visit them frequently for nights of debauchery, pizza hut in your new hallway and Josh doing the robot for us at 4am.(Sigh. I miss that......) I shall also continue to yell inappropriately in old lady fabric stores, talk about sex in Michael's and will go to Halo and tell the mini sluts that they ruined it for us. Because we are 30 and have the right to tell them where to go. Crystal will need to upgrade her sweetiness to crazy,loud, fun time ladiness during your absence. I will ruin her "lovely" persona, and greg will probably divorce her and me too.

I've seen some really incredible artwork in the last while, there is a fantastic printmaker that i need everyone to check out, unfortunately I left his details in auckland so I'll give him a shout when I get back. Saw seals instead of my favs (penguins) today, but that's alright. I am banking on Dunedin for those. If not. I shall move away from New Zealand and never return. Well. I can no longer officially afford this post. Miss you guys, cheers, xox m.


crystal driedger illustration said...

Alrrrright, getting ready to step it up a notch. Shall we start with a big party at my house? My bar is stocked and ready...!!!!

mishe said...

Your bar better consist of Malibu and Whiskey.